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Please complete the following short essay questions to help us a learn a little more about you so that we can have a more interesting interview conversation.


Please schedule your 15- 20 minute interview and we will call you on the number provided. Keep in mind that spaces in our programs are limited and you are not enrolled until you have completed your interview.

Trip Insurance, Deposit, Terms & Agreement

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Great news! You have an unused Trip Mate policy on file with Broadreach. We are excited to be able to roll that forward for you and you do not need to purchase an additional policy. If the length of your trip has changed from the one you signed up for in 2020, we'll get in touch to update your policy. Otherwise, you're good to go!

A $1000 non-refundable deposit, plus tuition protection insurance if chosen, is required-field to hold a spot on a Broadreach trip. If you elect to mail or wire payment, please note that we cannot hold or guarantee a space until we receive the deposit.

Any families that were signed up with us for summer of 2020 may use their voucher on file towards their deposit and final tuition. If your voucher exceeds $1,000 and you do not want to use the full amount now, you can edit the amount in the voucher field above. Please save the voucher code for future use if you do not use the full voucher now. The code can be gifted to friends or relatives or applied to your tuition at a later time.

A $35 application fee is required to complete the initial application. The application fee can be paid by credit card or ACH (bank draft).


Communication and full disclosure are important to us; please read and accept the following terms of agreement before submitting your application.